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Compact and ideal machine for those who have space problems, but want to maintain the printing quality of the more industrial models.


S-PRINT 60 is a SINGLE PASS printing system that uses pigmented water-based inks and an HP head, ideal for customizing any ink-absorbing surface.


The head with which it is equipped allows printing up to 1200 dpi with an adjustable speed that can reach a maximum of 27 m/min.

S-print is the answer to those looking for printing definition with limited production numbers.


Belt dimensions: 1500 x 600 mm.

Print Size: 297 x 800 mm

Print on paper, cardboard, tnt, wood.

Operation and Functionality

  • Easy management of the printing graphics
  • User-friendly and intuitive software interface
  • Graphics and colour management via external monitor and computer
  • Printing speed up to 27mt/minute
  • Non-stop print of different graphics
  • Water resistant inks
  • Additional options to choose from

Some photos of the S-Print machine

Set up your machine

    • Color

      • Ecogenio Green

      • GTO Red

      • Black Edition

    • Feeder

      • Add Feeder

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    • Table Unloading

      • Add Table Unloading

        Add Table Unloading

    • Other

      • Centering Laser

      • Quality Control Camera

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    S-Print 60

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      S-PRINT 60

      Features and advantages of our single pass digital printing machines for textiles, paper, packaging, shoppers and wood.

      • High print productivity: fino a 46 mt/min
      • Zero costi for making films screen – retini – clichès
      • Know the knowledge of the costs of each print
      • Full traceability  of the costs of each point
      • High definition multi-color printing on paper, cardboard, wood, leather and fabric
      • High Definition  prints thanks to HP FI-1000 BNB printheads, up to 1200 dpi four-colour resolution.
      • Ecogenio Hydro 300 meets the requirements of Industry 4.0
      • Instantly drying, odourless and eco-friendly water-resistant inks
      • Intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen interface. Easy as printing from your PC Easy as printing from your PC
      • Equipped with guides and trays for the printing items
      • Ability to print on a wide range of closed and open items
      • Remote assistance with specialised technicians
      • Greater service to your customers and increased business opportunities: Hydro is the ideal solution for small and medium runs of multi-color printing on all absorbent surfaces.