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Digital printing on paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard are the materials most suitable to be costumized with our digital machines. They guarantee excellent results even on porous and coated products.

Print cardboard accurately thanks to Ecogenio

Ecogenio printing machines can be used to realize prints on pre-closed paper items, such as boxes, up to a height of 26 cm.

Printing on cardboard and paper is guaranteed in many fields such as: the promotional sector (including printing on brochures), the food packaging, cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging sector, on shoppers, various envelopes, boxes, cases etc.

Our suction table, allows any type of object, even the thinnest, to be held still for precise and flawless prints.

Cardboard printing machines

Our machines allow direct, sharp and perfect printing on any surface of paper and cardboard, biodegradable and eco-friendly bags. Book a consultation with one of our specialists to help you suggest the right machine for you.