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HYPER 320 represents the top of the range of Ecogenio digital machines. Equipped with a MEMJET Duraflex head, it guarantees high resolution prints (1600×1600 dpi) and a high production capacity that reaches up to 46 Mt./min.

The redundancy of the nozzles recreates customizations similar to offset and flexographic printing (full backgrounds and photographs), while the presence of the additional product loading support is useful for those who want to customize oversized products

Operation and Functionality

Maximum productivity at a high quality in the single pass market.

  • Top productivity with the highest quality in the single pass market.
  • Easy management of the printing graphics
  • User-friendly and intuitive software interface
  • Graphics and colour management via touchscreen monitor
  • Printing speed up to 46 mt/minute
  • Non-stop print of different graphics
  • Photocell for reading the workpiece
  • Adjustable print height
  • Water resistant inks
  • Optionals available
ecogenio hyper

Some pictures of Hyper 320

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    • Color

      • Ecogenio Green

      • GTO Red

      • Black Edition

    • Feeder

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    • Other

      • Centering Laser

      • Protections

      • Quality Control Camera

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    Hyper 320

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      Hyper 320 Technical data and Add-Ons

      Features and advantages of our single pass digital printing machines for textiles, paper, packaging, shoppers and wood.

      • High print productivity: fino a 46 mt/min
      • Zero costi for making films screen – retini – clichès
      • Know the knowledge of the costs of each print
      • Full traceability  of the costs of each point
      • High definition multi-color printing on paper, cardboard, wood, leather and fabric
      • High-definition  prints up to 1600 dpi four-colour resolution.
      • Instantly drying, odourless and eco-friendly water-resistant inks
      • Intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen interface. Easy as printing from your PC Easy as printing from your PC
      • Equipped with guides and trays for the printing items
      • Ability to print on a wide range of closed and open items
      • Remote assistance with specialised technicians
      • Greater service to your customers and increased business opportunities: Hydro is the ideal solution for small and medium runs of multi-color printing on all absorbent surfaces.